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Utilities and co-ops know that DERs are growing and are at various stages of integrating them into their networks. For utilities looking to assess homeowner interest in DERs, we create residential surveys to assess DER penetration and potential growth. With this insight into local preferences and economics, we can assess the potential resiliency impact and recommend appropriate program designs


Electric utilities and co-ops are increasingly using distributed energy resources (DERs) to strengthen their grids. We help them find and educate homeowners about the best DERs for their unique goals.


For homeowners interested in new DER installation, we facilitate the connection with an independent and vetted dealer who can help with installation and maintenance. We also drive high levels of adoption by providing substantial incentives and assistance with federal, state, and local rebates.


Once homeowners have DERs installed that can provide grid relief, we integrate this capacity with utility and co-op systems to ensure everyone benefits.


If you choose, you can have AlltimePower operate your DER events. Once DERs are providing load relief at a larger scale, we can evaluate the platform's operation and performance to recommend ways to optimize performance in a cost-effective manner.

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How utilities can deploy residential DERs as a non-wires alternative.

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