Don’t go without power when working from home

Telecommuting and working from home is the wave of the future. As more and more people ditch the office for a more flexible workday, they'll have to consider how to best remain connected. To truly be connected and avoid the device battery drain, telecommuters should think about alternative power sources such as backup generators. Getting a generator is a great idea to make sure you have power at all times, especially if your job depends on it.

The advantages of telecommuting

You don't have to commute!

You get to sleep in a bit, not worry about traffic, or be concerned about showing up to work on time. This can save you so much time in the mornings and evenings. Even if your commute would have only been 15-20 minutes per trip, this can save you hours every week. This also helps the environment from having one less car on the road and you can also have the option of not owning a car. Less commuting leads to being home more, which means more power use. Make sure you are guaranteed power at all times by having a backup generator.

Saying yes to autonomy and flexibility

This makes you a self-starter and gives you the flexibility on when to do the work to meet your deadlines. Maybe you’re a night owl and you like doing your work in the middle of the night, which then frees up your day. Or if you really like waking up super early and getting your work done first thing in the morning. There are also fewer meetings, no distractions from other coworkers, and less office politics.

More money in your pocket

You don’t have to pay for gas, lunches out, and work clothes. You also get to expense some costs on your taxes when working from home. This can add up to saving a lot of money throughout the year. This can also help when it comes time to investing in a backup generator. More money in your pocket means a bigger investment into your own home’s power needs.

Not relying on someone else’s network

How many times are you in an office and the internet isn’t working or super slow? It seems like IT is always working on fixing the network. While you are home, you get peace of mind knowing that only you are on your wi-fi. Make sure you have a backup generator in place so that if there is ever an outage, you ensure you will always be connected and able to productively finish your work.

The disadvantages of telecommuting

No set schedule or routine

You can end up working on your couch in your pajamas until 3 in the afternoon. It can get easy to just roll out of bed and start working, but this can make you feel lethargic and out of a routine. Routines are good to have so that you feel productive. To remedy this, you can still set an alarm, make sure you have breakfast, and get ready for the day at the same time every morning. When you’re setting up your own routine, don’t let losing power get in the way of being productive. Make sure you always have backup power.

Technical issues

Even if the office has technical issues, there is an IT team that will try to remedy that situation ASAP. But when you have technical issues at home, it is up to you to solve it. If there is an internet issue, you have to call your internet provider and get if fixed as soon as you can. And if there is a power outage of any kind, your employer may still expect that you finish your work. This is why getting a backup generator is important. If you lose power, you can guarantee that your computer will still work, and the lights will stay on as you finish your tasks.

Backup power is vital to your success

To be productive at home, things should be running as smoothly as possible. Your household should be distraction free. So that means no dirty dishes piling up, no stacks of laundry that are being neglected, and no appliances that are broken. Set up a dedicated work space so that you have a designated spot to be productive. Your air conditioner or heater should always be running smoothly to make sure you are comfortable. And your computer should be plugged in with a surge protector just in case the lights go out. If there is an outage and your air conditioning stops working or you can’t turn your computer on, this can put a dent into your work process. Support continued remote working by ensuring you are connected when your job needs you, for those times you need the flexibiliy.

You can choose between a standby generator and a portable generator. A standby generator may be best for you if you have many appliances that need to be running when you are working from home. But this depends on the budget and time you are willing to put into a backup generator. A portable generator is another great option if you need to only power a few appliances, like your computer or laptop charger, and a lamp or two.

Ensure your success and continue to have the trust of your employer by having backup power. Visit our generator sizing calculator to explore your backup generator options.

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