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Lower Industrial Utility Costs

Demand charges are usually based on a combination of peak power draw and usage during peak times. Demand charges generally account for 30-70% of a commercial electrical bill.

Facilities can use a combination of operational adjustments, hardware, and software to reduce demand charges. Hardware consists of installed units such as generators, batteries, and solar panels. While procedures include equipment staggering, shift time adjustments and peak demand alerts. Software can be used to inform and automate hardware changes and operational adjustments.

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Example Monthly Savings

You could save $1000 per month with AlltimePower®


Facility Electrical Bill



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Demand Charge Rate

$15 per kW hour

Save Your Company Money

We are working with select customers on a new program to track and reduce electrical bills. Provide us with details about your facility, equipment, power usage, and backup power. With this data, we'll provide recommendations to lower your demand charges.

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