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No Tirekickers

All leads from AlltimePower® have received realistic pricing for their home and have taken further action to begin discussions with dealers. Put simply, they’ve seen a price and have taken the next steps to work with a dealer.

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Simplified Pricing

AlltimePower® charges a monthly fee of $250 for access to unlimited leads, and then a conversion fee for each completed sale. On average our dealers receive 20+ leads per month.

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Energy Experts

AlltimePower® focuses solely on the backup power market. We’re well versed in the unique challenges and complexities of selling backup power.

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Real Support

Our team can be reached via email, phone, or live chat. We love to hear from our dealer network and use your feedback to inform our product roadmap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes leads from AlltimePower® better?

We are 100% focused on the backup power market. While similar companies market to over 1,000 different services, we only serve one. Every AlltimePower® lead receives realistic pricing and sizing estimates for their home. This allows us to eliminate tire kickers to save you time and effort.

Can I pause my subscription?

After 90 days, you will unlock the ability to pause your membership at a rate of $50 per month. This will allow you to remain on the platform at a reduced cost when you need to take a short break, up to two times a year.

What happens if you don’t send me 10 leads in a month?

If for some reason you don’t receive 10 leads in any given month, we’ll credit the difference to your account at a rate of $25 per lead. Example: If you were to receive only 8 leads in a month, we'll credit you with $50 ($25x2), which is credited to your next subscription payment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your account, email us at dealersupport@alltimepower.com or live chat with dealer support in your dashboard. You can cancel anytime, just give us 14 days notice to prevent automatic enrollment into the next month.

Why do you charge a conversion fee?

The conversion fee is the best way to align our interests with yours. We’re incentivized to deliver the highest quality leads possible. This also allows us to offer our leads at a lower initial cost to reduce your risk and initial investment.

Do I have to accept every lead?

You don’t. We understand that you may not want to engage every lead made available to you. Only the leads you choose to accept will remain in your dashboard. The leads you choose not to accept will still count towards your 10 monthly guaranteed leads.