How AlltimePower uses to democratize our business data

TLDR; allows the entire team at AlltimePower to explore our data without bothering our developers.

At AlltimePower® we use to ensure our business data is easily accessible to anyone on our team. For us, data democratization means that our data is generally available to everyone without gatekeepers or technical bottlenecks. Our entire team is able to stand-up data views with little or no intervention from our developers.

Because of this ease of use and flexibility, has become our SSOT (single source of truth). "Reviewing our dashboard in is one of the first things I do every morning. It helps me keep a pulse on where we stand from an engagement and revenue standpoint, and allows me to anticipate any potential business risks". Kristine Pachuta, CEO

What is’s stated mission is to make data accessible to everyone. To do so they’ve created a visual version of the SQL programming language that they call “Visual SQL”. Visual SQL empowers users to create powerful SQL queries without having to write any SQL code. This is similar to what Shopify and Squarespace have done for web development.

In addition to a no code SQL solution, allows users to blend and combine data sets from multiple different sources. These could be CRM’s, spreadsheets, databases, analytics tools, and more. also has a wide range of well designed charts and other data visualizations that present data in compelling and easy to understand manners.

How AlltimePower® Uses serves as the primary data product for the entire company. We do utilize additional data tools, but is the only data tool that’s used in every department.

We’ve created KPI dashboards to track major initiatives, financials, product feature reception and much more. More importantly every team member has created their own “sandbox” where they can explore data on their own dashboard. Not only does this help team members develop insights and hypotheses, it allows for creativity and exploration that is very unlikely to develop in an environment that requires engineering or data team assistance.

“ makes it easy for me to explore our data without having to distract our engineering team.” - Bert Haskell, CTO

Sales & Ops

Our Sales & Ops team use for customer activity, geographic data, & financials all in one place.

" has been invaluable in surfacing insights across different areas of our business. I monitor it regularly to check customer activity, financial performance, etc. It's the most user-friendly BI software I've ever used." - Brett Long, Senior Sales Rep


The marketing team uses daily to keep an eye on the overall picture along with finer details like split tests, budgets and more. They find the tool invaluable in being able to analyze data much more efficiently and robustly, especially compared to a more common implementation of Google Analytics & spreadsheets.

Product & Design

The product & design teams leverage to view data on user behavior and feature adoption.

Product Manager Brian Ng says "... gives me the ability to pull quantitative data on user behavior to inform product direction, stand up KPI dashboards to align our team on a common goal, and easily query our databases to answer questions without ever having to bother our engineers."


The developers at AlltimePower® love It empowers the rest of the team to explore on their own without needing engineers or developer help. When their help is needed they’re able to see what’s happening quickly. Our usage of the “Data Stores” feature allows them to make high impact changes in one place that the rest of the team can then leverage.

“As a developer, I like that embraces SQL rather than trying to totally hide it or abstract it away. It's a simple approach, but I think it has a lot of benefits, especially for a small team. First, there's virtually no setup or maintenance - if you have a database, you're already off to the races. It also means there's really no limit on the views that business users can create themselves. Plus, if there's ever a question about why a chart is showing what it is, I can just pop open the hood and take a look at the underlying query.” - Parker Lawrence, Senior Software Engineer


Democratizing our data and investing in a tool that empowers non-technical users to analyze data has freed up numerous hours of developer time and more importantly allowed everyone on our team to analyze the data that’s important to them. The technical and non-technical teams are able to make data-driven decisions from a data source they can trust and customize to their needs.

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